Top employer

When a job becomes a vocation, we achieve great things together

We also set standards in workplace culture as a conscientious company that excels through healthy, sustainable growth and reliable endurance.

In this secure environment, people develop their individual capabilities, share ideas and easily implement them. This creative freedom makes us unique and desirable as employer way beyond the borders of Upper Bavaria. After all, an efficient team is only created when people feel comfortable in an ideal working climate and identify with their challenges. A passion for timber as a material and a fascination for quality connect us all here, from trainee to management.

Employer with image, ideas and tangible achievements

We are a market leading company, which attaches huge important to security, a sense of responsibility and long-term success. This also applies to our employees whose long-term planning we support with many initiatives.

Apart from reliability and security as a company, a feeling of well-being is also a question of the framework conditions. Therefore, our canteen impresses with its extensive, varied range and joint events and festivities strengthen the team spirit. And those who are passionately engaged need appropriate relaxation – 30-day holiday entitlement is a matter of course for us.