Environment & Sustainability

Are doors produced sustainably at Schörghuber?

At Schörghuber, we view ourselves to be responsible for producing sustainably and in an environmentally-friendly manner, because timber is our biggest passion after all. In our selection, we pay attention to regional products and sustainable handling of resources as well as durability, quality and lasting value. Choose doors that are largely manufactured from native timbers. All of our manufacturers and suppliers are from European regions and comply with the current REACH directive.

Energy-saving production of special doors

When producing doors, we pay attention to the efficient use of materials, energy-saving processes and waste avoidance. For example, we use timber cut-offs from production to supply the administration building and production halls with heating and process heat. We cover all of our power demand with real eco-power, which is generated 100 percent from renewable energies.

Multiple certifications

We have already won several awards for our environmental and health-friendly work – including the PEFC and the FSC seal. This means that we can fulfil the requirements of building certification systems such as DGNB, LEED, BNB or BREEAM.

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