Milestones and environment news


New paint coating system in Ampfing

The new paint coating system was taken into operation in January 2020. The complex system enables fast changeover between different painting processes with reduced conversion times and paint losses. This not only boosts performance, but also the variety and quality of products. The implementation of environmental and sustainability goals is consistently reflected in the exclusive use of hydro-UV paints (water-based paints) and virtually solvent-free UV paints in the various painting processes. The VOC emission is reduced to a low level.




New flue gas cleaning

Schörghuber has been running its own testing furnace for almost 30 years now. This is where many important fire tests for new developments, further developments and normative adjustments to fire-rated doors are carried out. The testing furnace has been modernised several times over the years. The time had now come to lower emissions, to reduce the odours and pollution for the good of the environment, employees and nearby residents.

The 20 × 5 m flue gas cleaning system filters both the hot flue gases in the chimney and the ambient air extracted from the hall. A wet scrubber cleans the flue gas of large smoke particles and a deep bed fibre filter eliminates the smallest smoke particles and aerosols. The cleaned flue gas may still contain ecotoxic substances such as dioxins or furans, which are separated when it flows through the last cleaning stage – a special rock fill. The cleaned flue gases are then released through the chimney. Employees and local residents can be pleased about the good cleaning performance of the system, and the proof is the remaining small emissions of white steam. Bothersome odours have been eliminated ever since.

Minimisation of production waste and reduction of formaldehyde

Schörghuber has been producing all door blanks in the new production hall 4 in Ampfing since 2018 and the new door leaf production is one of the most modern manufacturing facilities worldwide. It also allows the company to achieve ambitious sustainability goals. Materials such as door leaf inlays are automatically optimised in the cutting process and are processed almost without waste. Residual pieces are therefore reduced to a minimum.

Timber cut-offs from production are turned into heating and process heat for the administration building and production halls in our own cut-off timber heating system. All factory-internal bondings have been changed so that they are produced without the use of urea formaldehyde without exception.



Hall 4 new build

During the construction of hall 4 at the Schörghuber headquarters in Ampfing, numerous energy-saving measures were implemented. These include hall lighting with LED, high-quality thermal insulation and a filter system with heat recovery function.




E-bike charging station

Since 2016, Schörghuber has had 4 E-bike charging stations where E-bikes can be recharged free of charge. Many employees actively make use of the offer.