Siemens group headquarters Munich

The electronics corporation Siemens opened its new main headquarters in June 2016 in the Munich inner city. The building for up to 1200 employees has developed in a construction time of around three years. With curving architecture and lots of glass, the around 45,000 square metre new building is bright and transparent. These properties also distinguish the doors from Schörghuber and Hörmann fitted in the property, which not only create fire sections but also unite discretion with transparency and match the design of the interior architecture.


During the course of the redesign, the historic Palais Ludwig Ferdinand and its neighbouring building were also refurbished. The ground floor is freely accessible with the green inner courtyards, a café, a restaurant and a fountain. The sustainable building concept combines efficiency with environmental protection. Thanks to the use of innovative building technology, the platinum certification according to LEED and DGNB has been achieved.


Schörghuber products: fire protection-/ smoke protection doors type 3 / 16 / 26, solid core doors type 3 / 4 / 16, sound insulation doors Rw,P = 32 / 37 dB type 3 / 13, fire protection-/ smoke protection-/ sound insulation doors Rw,P = 37 /  42 / 45 dB type 5, wet room doors type 3, solid core sliding doors type 3, fire protection-/ sound insulation door Rw,P = 50 dB type 50, T90 fire protection door type 24, T90 solid timber frame door type 92, T30 niche door type 26